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Service and repair any equipment pertaining to chilled water systems, hot water systems, steam and condensate systems, refrigeration systems, or process piping systems, along with a variety of other types of piping systems. Must be able to understand, trouble shoot, and repair these systems with the help of Mechanical System Drawings and Electrical Schematics. Review and coordinate building plans and drawing to determine proper aids required of the best sequence of repair. Understand the proper installation of hangers and supports for piping an equipment. Cut, thread, weld, groove, and glue pipe, using pipe cutters, grooves, cutting torch, wilding machine, and pipe-threading machine to repair and service these systems. Be able to understand the assembly of valves, pipe fittings, equipment, electric, and the various systems and how they work. Join pipes by use of bolts, solders, plastic, and fiberglass, solvents, compression, and welding. Fill piping systems with air and water to pressure test repairs with use of a pressure gauge to facilitate proper operating pressure of system. Service and repair piping equipment, such as boilers, air handling units, VAV boxes, cooling towers, chillers, compressors, pumps, and machinery. Service, repair, and maintain systems with periodic maintenance and service calls.


  • Possesses a clear understanding and detail knowledge of the associated tools and equipment and their maintenance requirements, nomenclature and types of piping materials and supplies, technical manuals and procedures, and equipment and shop records.
  • Use shop tools, including operating tools and machines to bend, thread, cut and hang steel, copper, and plastic pipe.
  • Service, repair, and replace piping systems and equipment.
  • Inspect and test piping after completing repairs, alterations, and additions.
  • Interprets work orders, oral instructions, and sketches; provides specific information on work to be accomplished, location of work, nature of repairs required, and materials needed to accomplish work, and compiles and submits reports of service performed.
  • Repairs or replaces equipment such as boilers, chillers, air handling units, and compressors or modifies equipment.
  • Will be required to be on “call” at various times.
  • Use and understanding of Electrical Measuring Instruments.
  • Possess strong communication skills.